The capital of Eastern Uganda

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A decent restaurant shouting at the rooftops to the Mbale city dwellers telling them to come have some peace and satisfaction, the establishment is placed...

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Variety at your disposal

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Located on Kumi Rd next to the round about. It has a great atmosphere and wonderful customer service.

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A choice meeting place for so many types of people you name it:- business associates, campussers, love birds, families in all colors of skin. You’d...

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A Restaurant proved by time, alive from the time of Idd Amin. New Nuralis Restaurant has served the people of Mbale for generations, the tag...

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Ever heard of the term value addition?? Well, that’s what Moo-Kraal is upto with his well blended yorghurt that just flows freely down your throat...

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For animal feeds.

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For anyone in Mbale, in Half London. There is a place called Paradise. Order breakfast and escort online and have it delivered to you.

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