The capital of eastern Uganda, home to the great Elgon soils lavished with matooke, it is said that the food that comes from the hills of this region are to die for. BarnsFoods brings you great food variety from Mbale:- from Mutufu to Budadiri, from Bukalasi to Manafwa across the hills that make even for great meat because the animals feed on quality!

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A decent restaurant shouting at the rooftops to the Mbale city dwellers telling them to come have some peace and satisfaction, the establishment is placed…

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Variety at your disposal

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Located on Kumi Rd next to the round about. It has a great atmosphere and wonderful customer service.

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A choice meeting place for so many types of people you name it:- business associates, campussers, love birds, families in all colors of skin. You’d…

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A Restaurant proved by time, alive from the time of Idd Amin. New Nuralis Restaurant has served the people of Mbale for generations, the tag…

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Ever heard of the term value addition?? Well, that’s what Moo-Kraal is upto with his well blended yorghurt that just flows freely down your throat…

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For animal feeds.

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For anyone in Mbale, in Half London. There is a place called Paradise. Order breakfast and escort online and have it delivered to you.

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