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It is said that time proves everything. This can be said of Touch of Class, their unwavering fight for precision has kept them at the…

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UCU’s most affordable and consistent juice makers are located right in front of the Mirembe block. Emma’s Juice is easily accessible, healthy and always fresh….

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Take a trip to UCU’s King of Fast Foods. Bobic’s Fast Food Restaurant is located in between UCU’s first and main gates. Its well known…

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  Enjoy the Serenity and the peace of Uganda Christian University. View the affordable menu here at Main Canteen and make reservations.

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A decent restaurant shouting at the rooftops to the Mbale city dwellers telling them to come have some peace and satisfaction, the establishment is placed…

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Warm and cozy ambience

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Variety at your disposal

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Located on Kumi Rd next to the round about. It has a great atmosphere and wonderful customer service.

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Also known as Corrados, Shallom Restaurant is one of the food petals of a busy Mukono town. Located in the business Centre along the Nabuti…

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A choice meeting place for so many types of people you name it:- business associates, campussers, love birds, families in all colors of skin. You’d…

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